Randox Laboratories, UK

Randox Laboratories, UK

Within an old farm building, Randox created a controlled climate store for medical research samples, using a two-tier Hi280 shelving system for storage.

Randox Laboratories made contact with Allen Engineering to assist them with the supply of a vertical carousel solution, to store medical research samples. It would have been easy for Allen Engineering to supply Randox the product they requested; however, Allen Engineering went further, undertaking analysis of Randox’s complete requirements


As the pick rate of the samples was reasonably limited, Allen Engineering offered an alternative and more cost effective solution, that being a two-tier Hi280 shelving system. This proposal was accepted by Randox and the installation was completed during 2004.

The client liked the installation so much that they ordered another straight away, which was around six times the size of the original.


Two- tier Hi280 (individual small items)