• Arc E-Commerce, Sweden

    Arc E-Commerce, Sweden

    Constructor has provided a dynamic solution to Outl1.se, in Stockholm, for the storage and handling of all merchandise sold via the Internet. The Pallet Shuttle System was the ideal answer for them, when we learnt how their business operated.

  • Aritco Lift, Sweden

    Aritco Lift, Sweden

    A special 3-beam solution with an additional beam to support the heavy pallet means that the load is distributed evenly. At the same time back mesh has been mounted on the upper locations in order to prevent that the pallet is pushed inadvertently from the pallet rack.

  • Atlet, Sweden

    Atlet, Sweden

    Atlet’s plant has three intenal warehouses, one for incoming components, an intermediate parts warehouse and a finished goods warehouse.

  • Bekö Bil Sweden - Tyre storage & Hi280 Shelving system - Constructor storage

    BEKÖ Bil, Sweden

    Due to new regulations in Sweden all cars are required to have two sets of tyres, summer and winter. As a result Bekö bil invested in a new workshop to satisfy demand for this.

  • References - Biltema Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Biltema, Sweden

    Biltema is a key Scandinavian supplier of miscellaneous imported goods for the car and marine industry.

  • DB Schenker Logistics - Constructor Solutions

    DB Schenker Logistics, Landvetter, Sweden

    Constructor was contacted due to a long lasting close teamwork and worked out a effective warehouse solutions for DB Schenker.

  • Din Bil, Sweden

    Din Bil, Sweden

    Din Bil Ab, located in Gothenburg, has the mechanics' tools stored in an automatic Constructor Tornado storage machine.

  • Dustin Sweden - Pallet racking P90 and Hi280 Shelving system - Constructor

    Dustin, Sweden

    Dustin is a leading supplier of computer goods in Sweden and Denmark. They needed to fit out a 20,000 m² logistics centre in Stockholm, so they contacted Constructor.

  • Push-Back - Constructor reference: ECO-Boråstapeter, Sweden

    ECO-Boråstapeter, Sweden

    ECO-Boråstapeter invested in a Push Back installation and pallet racking P90 from Constructor.

  • Electrolux Distriparts - Hi280 shelving Mobile and Multi-Tier, Pallet Racking - Constructor

    Electrolux Distriparts, Sweden

    Electrolux Distriparts AB of Sweden is a well established third-party logistics supplier with a warehouse space of 35, 000 m².

  • Expert, Sweden - Constructor Reference

    Expert, Sweden

    Expert warehouse has a low grade of automation which opens up for traditional pallet racking, Constructor P90, in 10m height.

  • Imero, Sweden

    Imero, Sweden

    When the two sister companies merged, forming Imero Gunnar F. Höglund AB, they decided to relocate the warehouse from Norrköping to Västerås.

  • Jula postorder - Pallet racking & Shelving system - Constructor

    Jula postorder, Sweden

    The latest investment is an expansion of 56000 pallet locations, and they used Constructor pallet racking P90.

  • Jula, Sweden

    Jula, Sweden

    Jula chose MOVO to maximise their warehouse functionality. ”This pallet racking has been well equipped with a number of optional accessories, e.g. night mode and centrally managed lighting. Jula has really optimised functionality”

  • KG Knutsson - Pallet Racking P90, Shelving System Hi280, Partition System, Wiremesh - Constructor

    KG Knutsson, Sweden

    KGK is expanding due to more agencies and new products. KGK rationalised many small warehouses resulting in a new 33,000m² plant at Enköping, Sweden.

  • Lindex, Sweden

    Lindex, Sweden

    LINDEX managed to optimize their warehouse through a series of simulations and analysis.

  • Tire rack, mobile shelving system - Constructor reference: Lindströms Bil, Sweden

    Lindströms Bil, Sweden

    Storage system for tires build on mobile bases, so called compact storage giving double storage capacity compared with traditional storage solutions.

  • Mobile Pallet racking - Constructor reference: Liseberg, Sweden

    Liseberg, Sweden

    Liseberg, Sweden invested in mobile pallet racking from Constructor that almost doubled the storage capacity.

  • Nissan Schenker Logistics - Pallet- and Small Part Handling - Constructor Storage

    Nissan-Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Nissan realised the advantages of outsourcing logistics and storage, so we helped with the transition to Schenker Logistics in Gothenburg.

  • Ocay, Sweden

    Ocay, Sweden

    With 37 stores throughout Sweden and a webshop which needs servicing, storage is king at Ocay.

  • Octapharma, Sweden

    Octapharma, Sweden

    Octapharma has built new storage premises. Constructor Sweden has acted as a design partner in the project from start to finish and has then delivered the pallet racking for the entire warehouse.

  • C-WIS Warehouse Int. Systems - Papyrus, Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Papyrus, Sweden

    Papyrus wished to transfer stock from various warehouses in Sweden to the warehouses in Mölndal and Holsbybrunn. C-WIS helped them manage this process.

  • Partykungen, Gävle

    Partykungen, Gävle

    The most practical and cost-effective solution was Dexion P90 pallet racking and Hi280 shelving. Hi280 has a wide range of accessories which would allow Partykungen to adapt the system to their requirements.

  • Runsven Group, Sweden

    Runsven Group, Sweden

    Runsven Group invests in Pallet Flow system from Constructor at the shipping department.

  • References - Runsven, Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Runsven, Sweden

    Runsven's warehouse consists of to picking stores and one store for distribution of goods. Total number of pallet locations is 70.000

  • Sandvik, Sweden - Constructor reference

    Sandvik, Sweden

    Sandvik SMC, moves their European central warehouse to Sweden and invests in a highly efficient outdoor storing facility for the heavy mantles.

  • Scandinavian Eyewear, Sweden - Storage Machine Lift Systems TORNADO - Constructor Storage

    Scandinavian Eyewear, Sweden

    Scandinavian eyewear is one of the leading suppliers and design companies in Scandinavia of fashion glasses and spare parts.

  • Schenker Logistics - Pallet Racking P90, Shelving System Hi280, Picking unit - Constructor Storage

    Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Total storage space of Schenker Logistics in Sweden is now 170.000 m². A fast growing business concept. Schenker is one of the leading companies worldwide within logistic services.

  • Reference - Schneider Electric, Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Schneider Electric, Sweden

    Schneider Electric is one of the worlds leading companies within energy effectivness. Turnover world wide is 20 billion euros and the group have 120,000 employees.

  • Shopfitting units, Shelving Hi280 - Constructor reference: Senab, Sweden

    Senab, Sweden

    Constructor has supplied shopfitting units consisting of Hi280 shelving to Senab’s interior design store in Gothenburg.

  • Servistik  - Storage Machines Lift Systems TORNADO - Constructor

    Servistik, Sweden

    The warehouse has been restored and equipped with 6 large Tornado storage machines in addition to pallet racking P90 Silverline and traditional shelving system HI280.

  • Siemens, Sweden

    Siemens, Sweden

    Siemens decided to improve the effectiveness of their department for incoming and outgoing goods, the aim was to reduce risky movements with fork-lift-trucks, but at the same time increase the quality of their in-house environment

  • 3PL Speed Group AB Case Study

    Speed, Sweden

    Over a period of many years Constructor has installed various solutions for Speed Group which have included, shelving, cantilever racking and a mezzanine solution for special storage.

  • Storewell - Mezzanine & Partition - Constructor Storage

    Storewell, Sweden

    Divided by a mezzanine floor and then fitted out into rooms using dividing steel partitions was the ideal solution for Storewell.

  • Svenska Bil i Norden, Sweden - Storage Machines IPN Paternoster & TORNADO lift system - Constructor Storage Solutions

    Svenska Bil i Norden, Sweden

    Svenska Bil i Norden invested in a new highly efficient machine storage systems due to demand for faster access to spare parts and reduced space at the new plant.

  • Svenska Smakupplevelser, Sweden

    Svenska Smakupplevelser, Sweden

    Standard pallet racking, mobile pallet racking and pallet flow was provided to optimise the storage of their three warehouses for raw materials, cold storage of finished goods and distribution.

  • Swegon - Pallet Racking, MOVO, Shelving Systems - Constructor Storage

    Swegon, Sweden

    Swegon is a Constructor loyal customer and all storage products are supplied by Constructor. This includes our P90 pallet racking and our HI280 shelving system.

  • Volkswagen Parts - Hi280 shelving narrow aisle, Mezzanine, Cantilever - Constructor Storage

    Volkswagen, Sweden

    We were pleased to help Volkswagen Parts Logistics with their new central warehouse in Scandinavia, which supplies parts for all models of the group.

  • Volvo PV, Sweden

    Volvo PV, Sweden

    When Volvo needed to increase the efficiency of the picking in their warehouse they turned to Constructor's Carton Flow systems.