Two of the World's Fastest Vertical Lifts Find Their New Home in Tomra’s Slovak Warehouse

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Two of the World's Fastest Vertical Lifts Find Their New Home in Tomra’s Slovak Warehouse

Tomra Sorting Solutions has installed two new vertical lift systems, which handle the company's different articles faster and more accurately.

Solution - modular construction and modem provides reliability

The Tornado vertical lift has been constructed as a modular system, and that means it will take up lesser space than all other known vertical lifts. The modular chassis is at the same time more rigid, which makes the vertical lift even more reliable.

You can freely choose between the size of the drawers up to a length of 6000 mm and a depth of 1120 mm. The drawers come with a flat bottom and do not weigh much, which means that each drawer can carry more kilos worth of stored articles.

Besides, all our vertical lifts come with a modem sensor system, which makes it possible to monitor and diagnose the vertical lift long before a possible failure should occur. A complete stock-software package is standard as well. The software controls both bar coding, locations, print of labels, locating the item by way of a so called light-pointer, statistics and much more.


To improve the storage and picking efficiency in its new warehouse, Tomra decided to use instead of regular static metal shelving and automated storage machine.

Automatic Storage Machines are computer-controlled storage and transfer systems that can significantly improve the efficiency of product storage and picking.

These vertical or horizontal storage machines are easy to integrate with a Company’s existing Warehouse Management System (WMS), but they can also be used as a standalone system. The site and operating environment determines the system's size and composition.

An automatic storage system can save up to 70% on floor space, reduce picking errors by 70% and decrease picking time by more than 60%.

The most efficient way of using storage machines is to have article management included with the machine.

The chosen solution was to purchase two Tornado storage machines from Dexion doo, the Slovak branch of Constructor Group.

With its ingenious vertical lifting device, the servo-operated automated Tornado storage system is rapid, energy-efficient and ergonomic. These vertical lift storage machines are easy to tailor to each customer’s needs. Tornados are the perfect solution for storing and handling small items in your warehouse or shop.

Tornado offers safe and secure storage for your small parts. The system's intelligent engine attempts to place the more active trays close to the retrieval point. This makes the Tornado system especially useful for seasonal products. Each level in a Tornado vertical storage machine can be password-protected for added security.

The Tornado's speed both horizontally and vertically offers rapid storage and retrieval. The clear and straightforward structure makes the system extremely reliable and therefore cheap to maintain.

Picking from a Tornado could not be easier. The operator enters a product code, either manually, using a bar-code reader or from a higher-level system. The Tornado then retrieves the required tray and brings it to the operator at the optimum height so the item can be picked

After using Tornado Vertical Storage Machine. Now, in a far smaller floor area, Tomra is able to store their entire stock, which previously took up a larger area of shelving.

They will also be able to efficiently deal with all enquiries, picking the parts quickly and accurately with the help of the storage machines software.

About Tomra Sorting Solutions

TOMRA was founded in 1972, on an innovation that began with design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers.

Today, the TOMRA Group is organized in two main business areas: Collection Solutions (reverse vending, material recovery and compaction) and Sorting Solutions (recycling, mining, and food).

TOMRA has installations in over 80 markets worldwide and hires approximately 2,500 employees.

“Our location became too small and our access points were poor so we needed facilities that could enhance our activity. We also needed to store our many different articles in a suitable way. For this purpose we actually started by getting an offer for traditional storage shelves. Initially, I did not know enough about vertical lifts to be interested in them, but when I started to explore the subject, I became thoroughly convinced. It was a much more suitable solution, which can be applied to about 80% of all our different articles.” said Tomra’s Warehouse Manager.

“Our staff is also pretty impressed by how the vertical lift operates and by all it can do. And all initial fears have proven to be groundless. All have been quick to adapt to the new possibilities. I have considered whether we should gather the articles and products we most often handle, in the drawers closest to the picking counter. But in reality, the vertical lift operates so fast that it does not matter much, if you are picking from the farthest or nearest drawers.” added the Manager.

Tomra Sorting Solutions has installed two new vertical lift systems, which handle the company's different articles faster and more accurately.