Wipro automates its storage and retrieval operation with the Dexion Tornado Storage Machine

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Wipro automates its storage and retrieval operation with the Dexion Tornado Storage Machine

Wipro required a safe, dust free environment to store their wide range of rubber gaskets. Wipro also wanted to increase the accuracy of the inventory levels, so Wipro investigated all available solutions.

Wipro is a globally renowned information technology company, recognised for its innovative approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability.

Wipro sought an inventive, highly automated solution to help manage it’s stock storage and retrieval operations at its Romanian warehouse.

Wipro needed to store rubber gaskets that needed protecting from dust. It was also an important requirement for inventory levels of stock to be available in real time.

Due to the FIFO picking procedure and the wide range of gaskets stocked, using a conventional storage solution would require a highly efficient storage area.

As the rubber gaskets needed protecting from dust they were stored in boxes with lids and deposited in an enclosed area.

Dexion’s Tornado Automated Storage solution was the recommended choice. This machine, one of the first of its kind in Romania, was specifically designed to save space in Wipro’s warehouse, providing fast picking of the stored goods, with laser-guided accuracy.

The storage solution was integrated with Wipro’s software system to ensure a seamless integration in the company’s logistics process, ensuring the Dexion Tornado could achieve automated FIFO.

Wipro chose the Dexion Tornado automated machine to help with the storage and handling of its rubber gaskets, the system perfectly suited the requirements for space saving, safe storage, quick access, automatic FIFO and live information about the available stocks.