Promod SA, Romania

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Promod SA, Romania - ConstructorGroup Romania

Promod SA is a premium distributor of high quality branded electrical products.

Promod SA are importers and distributors of electrical materials for low and medium voltage, produced by leading companies and especially designed for the needs and conditions of the Romanian market, addressing both end users and professionals in electrical installations.
The company offers its support through their knowledge of electrical installations, creating a constant support of know-how for its customers. The  logistic center's facilities ensure quick delivery times throughout the country.

Promod SA is a market leader for importing and distributing brands like: Dietzel Univolt, Legrand, PCE, TEM, Elica and others. The continuous concern for extending company’s portfolio, has determined Promod to offer, besides the traditional brands, new brands like: Strohm, Flink, Benko, Schwung and Quatric, products from electrical installations area with exclusive representation on the market.


Dexion's cantilever system provided the best solution for furbishing the company's logistics center and storing all the long and heavy parts required for the company's installations. As part of the same project, Dexion also delivered painted pallet racking for the storage of palleted goods and longspan shelving for the storage of the heavy boxes of items, used by Promod SA.


Single-Sided Cantilever racking:

  • Height: 5000 mm
  • Arm length: 1200 mm
  • Load capacity/arm: 350 Kg/arm
  • Number of columns: 29
  • Number of arms: 116

Painted Pallet Racking:

  • Height: 6000 mm
  • Depth: 1100 mm
  • Width: 2700 mm
  • Load capacity/level: 1950 Kg/level
  • Number of frames: 88
  • Number of beams: 480

Longspan Shelving:

  • Height: 2100 mm
  • Depth: 800 mm and 1000 mm
  • Width: 1500 mm, 1800 mm and 2100 mm
  • Load capacity/level: 400 Kg/level, 450 Kg/level and 500 Kg/level
  • Number of frames: 78
  • Number of beams:
    • 64 – 1500 mm
    • 80 – 1800 mm
    • 360 – 2200 mm