Delta Engineering, Romania

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Delta Engineering, Romania - ConstructorGroup Romania

Delta Engineering is active in Europe and America and is a major player of the international blow moulding industry.

The company's range includes more than sixty innovating and efficient quality machines: leak testers, weighing equipment, lost head cutting machines, packaging machines, take-out systems, conveyors. Delta Engineering delivers a total concept: from designing, construction, control until the integration in your production line. 
Delta  is especially active in Europe, but has also realised projects in Argentina, Canada, the United States and South-Africa. 


In order to cater to the company's specific needs, Dexion designed a special Cantilever system with longer arms, perfectly suited for holding the bundles of products.
This special storage system for large bundles of long goods was installed in Delta Engineering's Romanian facility, based in Baia Mare.


Cantilever racking – for storing Aluminum profiles:

  • Height: 3000 mm
  • Arm length: 1100 mm
  • Load capacity/arm: 380 Kg/arm
  • Number of columns: 4
  • Number of arms: 12

Cantilever racking – for storing Steel profiles:

  • Height: 3000 mm
  • Arm length: 1100 mm
  • Load capacity/arm: 750 Kg/arm
  • Number of columns: 8
  • Number of arms: 24