Antibiotice SA, Romania

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Antibiotice SA, Romania

Antibiotice SA is Romania’s largest pharmaceutical products manufacturer. They produce over 120 types of medicine covering a wide range of therapeutic areas, especially heart medicine, antibiotics, central nervous system and digestive tract drugs. Antibiotice is also the only company producing drugs created via biosynthesis in Romania.

As Romania’s largest medicine manufacturers, Antibiotice needed a modern storage space designed for both their raw materials as well as for the finished product stocks.


Dexion was selected as the best company for the job. Despite being a small project in scale, the Antibiotice Iasi installation was important in scope, as it was critical to have a safe and affordable storage system hosting some of the factory’s most expensive, delicate and highly perishable medical supplies.


Heights of racks: 2300 mm and 4100 mm
Length of modules: 1825 mm and 2700 mm