• Antibiotice SA - Pallet Racking P90 - Dexion

    Antibiotice SA, Romania

    As Romania’s largest medicine manufacturer, Antibiotice needed a modern storage space for both raw materials and product stock.

  • Arabesque, Romania - Premierack Pallet Racking - Dexion

    Arabesque, Romania

    Dexion has installed a simple, high strength, fully customized option for this customer in order to cater both to its pallet racking, picking, and product display needs.

  • Augsburg, Romania

    Augsburg, Romania

    To store its many different boxes of small auto parts, Augsburg needed to rearrange their picking area in such a way as to use as little space as possible, while taking advantage of the warehouse’s great height.

  • Autoland, Romania

    Autoland, Romania

    Autoland chose Dexion as supplier both due the flexibility of their complete storage range and their shared efforts in conserving the environment. Both companies share a goal in reducing waste and have taken various actions to actively promote this goal.

  • Delta Engineering, Romania

    Delta Engineering, Romania

    Delta Engineering is active in Europe and America and is a major player of the international blow moulding industry.

  • Emerson, Romania

    Emerson, Romania

    Emerson is a worldwide leader in a wide range of industries combining industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and technological innovation to offer a broad portfolio of products and services.

  • Glaxosmithkline GSK SRL - Pallet Racking, Carton Flow - Dexion

    Glaxosmithkline GSK SRL, Romania

    For its Brasov branch, GSK needed a special type of storage system. They needed high strength metallic shelves that combine an attractive look with safety and hygiene.

  • Karl Heinz Dietrich (KHD) - Case Study

    Karl Heinz Dietrich (KHD)

    KHD identified that they needed a high-quality, industrial racking solution, that could be delivered and installed quickly and which would be supported by a service team which would guarantee high maintainance levels and reliable spare parts.

  • Mairon, Romania

    Mairon, Romania

    Mairon is the leader of the Romanian market for the distribution of metallurgical products having a network of nationwide warehouses and manufacturing utilities, designed with the principle: "One stop shop for steel".

  • Mr Bricolage - Pallet Racking - Dexion

    Mr Bricolage, Romania

    Mr. Bricolage needed a pallet racking installation that would be strong, flexible and adjustable to accommodate the company’s constantly changing product range.

  • Optibelt, Romania - Case Study

    Optibelt, Romania

    Dexion’s MOVO Mobile pallet racking was the recommended and chosen solution, as it combined high density storage while offering easy access to individual pallets.

  • Preh-Case Study

    Preh, Romania

    Preh refurbishes their three warehouses with multiple solutions from Dexion, including, storage, picking and handling systems.

  • Promod SA, Romania

    Promod SA, Romania

    Promod SA is a premium distributor of high quality branded electrical products.

  • Taparo, Romania

    Taparo, Romania

    Taparo manufactures high quality upholstered articles such as sofas and armchairs, in textile covers, leather and leather-look. Over 25 trucks of finished goods are delivered daily to major furniture stores.

  • Wipro, Romania - Case Study

    Wipro, Romania - Case Study

    Wipro needed to store rubber gaskets that needed protecting from dust. It was also an important requirement for inventory levels of stock to be available in real time.