Sperre, Norway

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Sperre, Norway - ConstructorGroup Norway

Nils Sperre AS is one of Norway's leading producers and suppliers of pelagic fish, sea-frozen fish, dried salted-and wet salted fish. Constructor has long relations with Nils Sperre and delivered a mobile pallet racking (MOVO) solution back in 1994.

This was actually the first mobile pallet rack installation to the Norwegian Fish Industry. This MOVO installation was delivered in a new freeze warehouse. With high costs for first building and then for the daily operation, 

Nils Sperre had a keen focus on compact storage. Another key condition was the ability to obtain a good air circulation around the pallets in order to obtain effective freezing. Since then Constructor has also supplied the company with varm galvanized deep store racking for salted fish, clipfish and processed clipfish. This racking is the first installation in Norway which is both varm galvanized and painted.

Total Capacity:

  • Freezer capacity: 180 tons
  • Storage capacity: 12,968 Euro-pallets
  • Production capacity: 180 pallets per hour
  • Number of racking systems (MOVO): 15
  • Number of static racking systems: 12