Defence Logistics Organisation, (DLO)

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Defence Logistics Organisation, (DLO)

Up until April 2007 The Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) were responsible for maintaining and upgrading all military equipment and coordinating its storage and distribution across 80 locations throughout the UK and overseas.

The DLO then merged with the Defence Procurement Agency to form a new organisation called Defence Equipment and Support.

When the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO), in Denmark moved into new premises they wanted a tailored storage solution which would significantly improve the storage and efficient handling of the military equipment. The challenging nature of storing such military materials requires a storage solution which offers ease of access and fast delivery of the equipment.


Dexion proposed multiple subsystems which would provide a complete turnkey solution, based on several different designs to meet their specific requirements.

P90 Racking was recommended for storing larger parcels and pallets. HI280 shelving was also installed for surplus uniform stock, alongside a Tornado Machine for small parts and Mobile shelving for other consumables.