• ASKO Vest AS, Norway - Pallet flow racking - Constructor

    ASKO Vest, Norway

    ASKO moved into a new building which required a customised pallet racking solution to store their frozen, chilled and dry grocery products.

  • Bergans Fritid - Small Part Handeling

    Bergans Fritid, Norway

    Bergans had an urgent need for more picking locations due to a large increase in their range, especially for low frequency items.

  • Bring Cargo

    Bring Cargo, Norway

    When Bring Cargo decided to build a new warehouse for the transit and storage of clipfish, they chose deepstore racking from Constructor.

  • Brødrene Sperre, Norway

    Brødrene Sperre, Norway

    Brødrene Sperre recently centralised their deep freezer storage facilities into a large central warehouse in Ålesund.

  • Continental Dekk, Norway

    Continental Dekk, Norway

    P90 pallet racking became the solution when Continental Dekk (Tyre) built a new tyrestock in Askim, Norway.

  • Defence Logistics Organisation, (DLO)

    Defence Logistics Organisation, (DLO)

    Up until April 2007 The Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) were responsible for maintaining and upgrading all military equipment and coordinating its storage and distribution across 80 locations throughout the UK and overseas.

  • GC Rieber Salt AS

    GC Rieber Salt AS

    GC Rieber wanted a safe, compact and high speed system in an unheated warehouse very close to the sea.

  • Hennig Olsen Is AS - Mobile Pallet racking - Constructor

    Hennig Olsen Is, Norway

    Due to the need of additional storage capacity in their ice cream packaging warehouse a mobile racking solution was installed. This increased the number of pallet positions by 70%.

  • Kongsberg Maritime, Norge - Tornado Storage lift & HOCA - Constructor Sverige AB

    Kongsberg Maritime, Norway

    Kongsberg has grown in the last years and needed more space for storage and production and they wanted automated and compact solution.

  • Maritim As - Pallet racking, Shelving system & Mezzanine - Constructor

    Maritim, Norway

    Maritim are nautical chandlers and as their business grew they needed more space and spoke to us for assistance.

  • Møller Bil, Norway

    Møller Bil, Norway

    With an impressive tyre tower paternoster running through multiple floors, allowing Møller Bil to store up to 350 sets of customer tyres at any one time.

  • Netthandelen Norge - Narrow aisle pallet racking - Constructor

    Netthandelen Norge, Norway

    Due to fast growth Netthandelen Norge built a new 13000 m2 warehouse, including 11200 m2 storage area using Narrow Aisle Pallet racking from Constructor.

  • Scan-Mar, Norway

    Scan-Mar, Norway

    Scan-Mar AS changed from Static to Mobile Pallet Racking increased the number of pallet spaces by 70%, without having to expand the building.

  • Sperre, Norway

    Sperre, Norway

    Sperre had a keen focus on compact storage. Another key condition was the ability to obtain a good air circulation around the pallets in order to obtain effective freezing.

  • Statoil Subsea, Norway

    Statoil Subsea, Norway

    Statoil, the Norwegian multinational oil and gas company, has recently installed Mobile cantilever racking for the storage of pipes at their warehouses at Vestbase, Norway.

  • Strømmes Reklame - Mobile Pallet Racking - Constructor

    Strømmes Reklame, Norway

    When Strømmes Reklame needed more pallet places in their existing building, Mobile pallet racking provided 70% more space.

  • Sulland Jessheim AS

    Sulland Jessheim AS

    Sulland Jessheim AS bygger nytt bilsenter og skal innrede nytt delelager og dekkhotell.

  • VikingBad, Norway - Case Study

    VikingBad, Norway

    When VikingBad moved into their current premises in 2008, Constructor installed P90 pallet racking and mobile pallet racking together with a modular office.