Zilverstad Bredemijer, The Netherlands

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Zilverstad Bredemijer, The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

The existing P90 pallet racking of Zilverstad Bredemeijer were reused by Dexion and rearranged so that a floor of 100m2 with underpasses could be placed.

Luminary silverware

Zilverstad is market leader in the Benelux in the field of silver and silver plated gifts. Also in other precious metals Zilverstad sets the tone. This is mainly due to solid craftsmanship at a friendly price. Quality is a high priority for Zilverstad and it was therefore also an important argument for the storage equipment in selecting Constructor Dexion.

One warehouse

Through the fusion it was decided to operate Bredemeijer and Zilverstad from one location. This meant that a lot of extra space in the existing warehouse was needed. Since Zilverstad is a regular customer of Constructor Dexion Holland BV, it was decided to re-use the existing racks. The P90 pallet racks were disassembled and installed on a different place.

100 m2 Extra floor space

Furthermore there was an expansion of the floor space required. Constructor solved this problem by placing an entirely new floor of 100m2, which was attached to the underpasses of the P90 pallet racking.

Why Constructor Dexion?

By thinking along with the wishes of the customer, Constructor Dexion came with this creative solution for the shortage of space in the warehouse of Zilverstad Bredemeijer. In addition, Zilverstad Bredemeijer is also entitled to 10 years warranty, so they are pretty well so far and in this way they can make a good start with their merger.