Vianen van Vliet, The Netherlands

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Vianen van Vliet, The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

Dexion equipped the cold store of Vianen van Vliet with galvanized P90 pallet racking with galvanized wire mesh (because of their corrosion resistance) and white painted beams.


Wholesale trader for flowers, Vianen van Vliet, is a market place for every entrepreneur to purchase sharply.
After 20 years of establishment in the wholesale center Nova in Vleuten, it was time for a new challenge. With the extension of the construction project Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht, the flower auction Vleuten was forced to search for a different location. This one is found in Ede, where a fusion between flower auction Vleuten and flower auction Bemmel has been obtained in the new market place Plantion Ede.


Because the new location is partially cooled, one of the conditions for the storage systems is that it has to be resistant to corrosion. Constructor Dexion manufactures ​​only galvanized pallet racking and are thus highly suitable to be placed in a cold storage.

 Project size

* 15 sections P90 pallet racking.
* Galvanized pallet racks in the cold storage.
* Galvanized wire shelves for optimal support of the flower boxes.

 Why Constructor Dexion

Besides the fact that Constructor Dexion manufactures galvanized racks, she could also meet the wish to spray the racking in the Cash & Carry in the color white. In this way the flowers are, in terms of color, at their best. Due to the good cooperation between Vianen van Vliet and Constructor Dexion, an efficient and creative design was made. This, and the sustainability of the racking were the deciding factor for choosing Constructor Dexion.