Veldboer Eenhoorn, Netherlands

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Veldboer Eenhoorn, Netherlands

At Veldboer Eenhoorn Eenhoorn, two combinations are used: HI280 longspan shelves with on top P90 Push back racking and HI280 longspan shelves with on top P90 pallet racking.

Veldboer Eenhoorno

From a modern distribution center on the industrial West-frisia, Veldboer Eenhoorn daily supplies most of the catering companies, associations, institutions and canteens in the North of Holland. It has done this since it started in 1960, and with remarkable success.

This success that is reflected in a steady increase of their customer base and the associated continuous business growth; explained by the insight that hospitality businesses and large users need prefer one supplier.

Optimum utilisation of space
The Veldboer Eenhoorn distribution centre already had racking from Dexion, such as P90 pallet racking, a mezzanine floor and HI280 long span shelves. However, as their customer base increased so they needed an extension of an extra refrigerator / freezer with temperatures of up to + 5 ◦ C - 30 ◦ C. So they called again on the expertise of Dexion for their extension having already experienced the solid and robust warehouse racking with which they were very satisfied.

Veldboer Eenhoorn had a number of very important points in this project: the space in the fridge / freezer had to be fully exploited, the logistic routing had to be optimised and most importantly, the assembly had to be done while the entire company was operational; the picking had to stay uninterrupted and a continuous process.

Assembly and Growth
The above requirements, naturally took very careful planning between Veldboer Eenhoorn and Dexion. Finally the current racking in the DC needed to change positions and be constructed differently, and the new cooling / freezer had
to be fitted out. After consultation with Veldboer Eenhoorn there are now two special combinations of racking installed: HI280 long span for picking locations,  P90 racking with additional pushback racks on top for optimum bulk storage and HI280 long span shelves for picking locations of larger and heavier products, above which are static pallet racks for bulk storage.

The floor area is now double what it used to be for order picking and bulk storage. Because Dexion is a complete supplier of many systems, they were also able to supply and fit drip trays for the chemical cleaning products and a lockable room for valuable products.

Over the years - long experience and close cooperation with Veldboer Eenhoorn coupled with in-depth product knowledge, Dexion has ensured that the logistics process within Veldboer Eenhoorn DC has experienced no issues during the renovation. For Veldboer Eenhoorn this had two advantages: no loss of sales and a completely new and optimised distribution facility, which will last for many years to come.

P90 static and pushback racks, HI280 shelving with long span shelves, mesh wall, drip trays and mezzanine floor.