Van der Winkel, The Netherlands

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Van der Winkel, The Netherlands

Dexion dissassembled the existing HI170 shelving and PKZ racking and completely moved and assembled it on a new location. This resulted into a warehouse with the same capacity in a much more compact building.

Hardware store

Van der Winkel is one of the largest companies (14,000 m2 floor area and range of 95,000 products) in South Netherlands in the field of hardware, tools and other related items.

Reused racking

Dexion has equipped the headquarters of Van der Winkel in Eindhoven with HI170 shelving and flooring for storage of small goods. The pallets where stored in PKZ pallet racking. When they moved to Helmond was, in agreement with Dexion, chosen to disassemble the existing racking and completely move and assemble the racking at the new location. All materials were reused with as end result a beautiful warehouse, with the same capacity in a much more compact building.

In 2011 Van der Winkel Eindhoven, Gerritse Ijzerwaren and Breur Ceintuurbaan in Rotterdam merged into one company. In 2012 Van der Winkel took over Probin Verhaeg in Venray. By this fusion was decided to reduce the surface of the warehouse in Venray. A large part of the existing racking were disassembled and by combining the aluminum racking, long span racking and the use of a large number of accessories, the storage capacity highly compressed. Therefore they could maintain the size of the showroom. To create an industrial look, they opted for a pallet rack directly at the entrance of the building.

Why Constructor Dexion?

Because of the good quality of the racking and the fact that the racking is very solid and can be reused easily. Also Van der Winkel was very satisfied that everything is in one hand, the unburdening during the relocation / rebuilding was a great advantage.