Twentepoort Group steamlines with combined solutions from Dexion

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Twentepoort Group steamlines with combined solutions from Dexion

Logistics customer Twentepoort Group in Wierden were very happy with their warehouse solution provided by Dexion. As it’s a future proof solution which allows them to expand in the future.

Twentepoort Group consists of three subsidiaries.Twentepoort Logistics specialises in daily transport to Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In addition to regular road transport of palletised goods, they also provide refrigerated and specialised transport. Twentrex specialises in just-in-time delivery of urgent supplies throughout Europe, while TwenPack was specifically created to meet the growing demand for e-fulfillment and shop logistic services to both small and large retailers.

Twentepoort Logistics had several locations based throughout The Netherlands, however this structure created a slower logistical response rate than they would have liked. They therefore decided to streamline and centralise, by building a highly efficient 3,0000 m2 central facility. 

In this new facility Dexion partly installed pallet racking and shelving, taking into account a future extension which was planned.

Once the new warehouse was established, the existing shelving and floors were expanded, creating more shelving sections and increasing the floor levels from one to three floors.

Drive-In racks were also installed for the wooden transport crates for air cargo. Because all these cases are the same and they are not subject to an expiration date, the boxes store easily in Drive-In racking. This allows the boxes to be stored within the Drive-In racking rather than in standard pallet racking.

The reasons why Twentepoort choose Dexion, was largely due to the familiarity of Dexion and the knowledge the representative had of storage racks. The installed storage racks are galvanised which best suited the design of the warehouse, and offered the best balance between budget and quality. 

Martin Noeverman Director of Twentepoort Group said: 

‘Throughout the entire process we were very satisfied, with the quality of the installation, and the ability to combine products / systems to increase functionality. Their proactive approach, whilst designing and installing the new solution capabilities has been invaluable’.


- 960 Euro pallets (pallet rack)
- 192 block pallets (Drive-In racking)
- 500 meters shelf (with 2 mezzanine floors)
- 975 m2 production hall