Store dangerous products on Dexion shelving

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Store dangerous products on Dexion shelving

Ter Haak is specialized in handling and transport such as shipping containers worldwide. Dexion shelving is placed in a container for the purpose of storage of dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods

Ter Haak would like to store her dangerous goods outside the warehouse on shelving in a shipping container. Because Dexion equipped the regular warehouse with full satisfaction (with P90 pallet racking and a large surface of HI280 shelving with flooring), Ter Haak has also carried out this special job by Dexion. Because the shelving of Dexion is galvanized, corrosion in the containers can’t take place.


To ensure safety and to meet the strict safety requirements in a warehouse by national legislation, Ter Haak Logistics has also signed a BMWT-contract with Dexion, making safety and maintenance is ensured.


  • Shelving for storage of dangerous goods;
  • P90 Pallet racking and HI280 shelving with flooring in the warehouse;
  • No corrosion in containers because of the galvanized shelving;
  • Safety is ensured by BMWT inspection.

Delivered products:

P90 Pallet Racking, HI280 shelving with flooring and a BMWT-contract.