Score, The Netherlands

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Score, The Netherlands

Score's DC is expanded by Dexion with HI280 shelving (prepared for flooring,), P90 pallet racking of 7m. high and ergonomic packing tables with a melamine layer.


Score was founded in 1981 and became one of the most successful jeans chains for men, with more than 80 stores with brands like G-Star Raw, Tommy Hilfiger, Chasin 'and Replay.

DC in Duiven

The DC in Duiven has HI280 shelving with flooring and the possibility to place a second floor on top.

Enlargement in 2007

In 2007 the industrial space increased because of the lack of space. This resulted in P90 Pallet Racking of 7 m high and ergonomic packing tables with a clothing friendly melamine layer.

Optimization space expedition 2011

Score decided to optimize space of the expedition with HI280 Shelving (again prepared for an expansion of flooring) in combination with conveyors, strappers and logistic signing and labeling.

Why Constructor Dexion?

Besides the variety of warehouse equipment, the thinking of future expansion(s) and the preparation of the statements thereon, was the decisive factor. By using this warehouse solution most of the packing process for outgoing goods is automated and the ergonomic posture of the logistics team has greatly improved.