SNA Europe (Benelux) B.V., The Netherlands

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SNA Europe (Benelux) B.V., The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

The existing warehouse of SNA is expanded by Dexion with HI280 shelving and flooring, P90 pallet racking with P&D stations and carton flow beddings and a Cassette900 office unit.


SNA Europe [Benelux] B.V. is a company that sells tooling and is the company behind the famous brand Bahco. The European Distribution Center is located in Helmond.

Company Profile

SNA Europe [Benelux] B.V. maintains more than 100 years relations with retailers and end users and has extensive experience and knowledge of tools. The range is extensive and they focus especially on the sectors: industry, automotive, construction and landscaping.

Pallet racking Rack83

The warehouse was already equipped with our pallet racking type Rack83 , in combination with narrow aisle trucks. Relevant type however has been further developed and replaced by the galvanized type, P90 pallet racking. The individual parts of Rack83 remain available, making it possible for SNA to use a combination of Rack83 and P90 racking.

Optimization warehouse

Due to changed customer requirements, the layout has been recently changed and several rows of shelving moved, making use of a forklift truck possible which made SNA more flexible in relation to the order picking process. In addition, the existing warehouse extended with P90 pallet racking for the storage of primarily Euro pallets.
Since they also felt the need to expand their shelving area, the existing warehouse with HI170 shelving expanded with the galvanized type, HI280 shelf racking.


The existing floor, with a maximum load of 600 kg / m² was also expanded with up to 190 m².

Office Unit

On top of the HI280 shelf racking a few workplaces, as well as a meeting room
were built with partition walls type Cassette900. All rooms are equipped with a ceiling.

Carton flow frames

By making use of carton flow frames, SNA can work according to the "first-in first-out" principle.
This way it becomes immediately clear when and where it should be ensured for addition.

PD stations

The Euro pallets will be placed across the PD stations with a reach truck, after which the narrow aisles truck positions the pallet in a longitudinal direction of the pallet racking positions.

Cross Beams

By making use of cross beams, it is possible to store Euro pallets in transverse direction .
This storage method is effective in combination with order picking.