Rexel Nederland, The Netherlands

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Rexel Nederland, The Netherlands

Dexion provided 11,000 pallet locations, 1,000 channels of flow racks, 2,000 sections of HI280 shelving and a floor for Rexel's new DC.

Rexel Netherlands

Rexel Netherlands is part of the Rexel Group, world leader in the distribution of electrical materials. Following the acquisition of Hagemeyer in 2008, four warehouse locations (Venlo, Bergschenhoek, Den Bosch and Deventer) are centralized in a new distribution center of 12,000 m2 in Bleiswijk.

Cooperation Maas and Dexion

Dexion and Maas Internal Logistix are called in because of the good cooperation, short lines and high-speed operation.

Racks and internal transport

The DC consists of 11,000 storage locations for pallets and large items, 1,000 channels and 2,000 sections of shelf racking (more than 12 km. shelving space). These shelf racks are divided over 2 floors, ground floor and a mezzanine floor supported by the racks. Moreover, the entire installation is ready for an additional floor. That makes it possible for Rexel Netherlands to grow in the future within the new DC. Maas supplied the internal transport system and box setup machines, rising band, roller conveyor, carton sealer and a sorter with 6 pushers. This set completed as 1 turnkey project including control technology and interface to WMS and ERP.

Why Constructor Dexion?

"Dexion offers a complete line up and picks up the entire process. In addition, she listens to her customer, thinks well and also comes with her own ideas. When there are changes they switch fast and always work solution focused" said Bas Otten, Supply Chain Director of Rexel Netherlands BV.