Osinga de Jong, The Netherlands

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Osinga de Jong, The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

Dexion has supplied 300 sections of HI280 shelving (for order picking) and 16 sections of P90 pallet racking (for storage of pallets with textbooks) for Osinga de Jong.

Osinga de Jong

Osinga de Jong is a national operating educational purchasing organization. They buy learning materials for secondary and vocational education. Meanwhile Osinga de Jong has grown and it was time for an extension of the current warehouse. Important here was the specific manner of order picking; each shelf has multiple positions, each position is a study books package for a student / school. By this way of order picking the new builded part of the warehouse needed to seamlessly fit the current layout of the warehouse. Constructor Dexion Holland BV has made a design with both HI280 shelving (for picking) and P90 pallet racking (storage of pallets of study books).

Project Size:

  • 300 sections HI280 shelving, open braced and decorative panels on the view side of the shelving;
  • 16 sections P90 pallet racking.

Reference visit

To give Osinga de Jong a good picture of the products of Constructor Dexion, she visited one of the projects delivered by Constructor Dexion. This reference visit as well as the price / quality and sustainable design, has resulted in Constructor Dexion to arrange the new section of the warehouse of Osinga de Jong.