OPW Fluid Transfer Group, The Netherlands

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OPW Fluid Transfer Group, The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

Dexion has created a lay-out for OPW's new warehouse; P90 pallet racking, HI280 shelving with drawers, G90 Cantilever racks and the Tornado were the best solution.


OPW Fluid Transfer Group, consists of leading companies, each dedicated to the designing, manufacturing and distributing of world class solutions for the safe handling and transportation of dangerous bulk liquids.


By a major fire in their warehouse, it was necessary to build a new warehouse at short notice and to grasp also the ability for an ever better tuning of the entire logistics.

Why Constructor Dexion?

With the assistance of Constructor Dexion a layout and logistics plan was made. This thinking along, the quality of the products ánd the delivery speed gave OPW the decisive factor to choose for Constructor Dexion.