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Municipality yard Harderwijk, The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

How Dexion created the municipal storage yard for Harderwijk 

Municipality yard Harderwijk is responsible for the maintenance of public roads, parks and other facilities within the municipality. The old building where the company was located did not meet their requirements, so they had to relocate to new premises. 

Problem: Proper storage rack

Due to the variety of large sized stocked items, it was important that the right storage rack was chosen for each product. Dexion had to conduct a full survey and create an inventory of all the articles stored. This enable Dexion to offer a specialized and detailed warehouse facility that would blend with the customer's storage requirements exactly. 

Solution: Tailored shelving

Dexion put forward its HI280 shelving system as the ideal solution, because this shelving system can be applied in several different ways. Through the use of various accessories a customized warehouse facility was created for the various stock items, accessories such as the separation rods were used for the storage of road signs and shelf dividers for PVC pipes. 

Longspan Shelving

A longspan shelving version of HI280 was also utilized enabling shovels and garden tools to be stored conveniently . The interior of the new building was completed including the delivery of desks, workbenches, each with wire mesh panels, sliding doors and lockers. 


HI280 Shelving , Longspan shelving , P90 pallet racking, A- racks , fire cabinets , workbenches, desks , mesh doors , lockers and other accessories.