Mobility Centre De Jong B.V., The Netherlands

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Mobility Centre De Jong B.V., The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

Mobility Centre De Jong is a Volvo dealer with a showroom and workshop. Their new building in Barendrecht was equipped by Dexion with HI280 mobile tire racks.

HI280 mobile tire racks

Mobility Centre de Jong had a relatively small area, where the storage capacity needed to be realized. Dexion conceived as a solution manually operating HI280 mobile shelving. This solution consists of one fixed row along the wall and the rest of the sections are mounted on wagons with manual control. By this solution, loss of space for the benefit of the aisle, reduced by 90%, so the storage capacity can almost be doubled compared to the traditional static solution.

Total Solution

Dexion has carefully considered this solution, but also galvanized shelving and the fact that Dexion came up with a total storage solution, where a huge space profit was realized, ensured that De Jong chose Dexion. "Dexion really thinks along with you and truly goes for the best solution."


  • Reduction of 90% on aisles;
  • Doubling capacity compared to static solution;
  • Optimal use of the available space.

Delivered products

HI280 mobile tire racks.