Midtronics, The Netherlands

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Midtronics, The Netherlands

Midtronics is the largest battery administrator worldwide and was forced to move due to the great success. Dexion has reused the current warehouse equipment and supplemented with pallet racking, shelving with flooring and Cassette900.

Reuse material

By reusing the current warehouse equipment and supplementing with about 2/3 of new material, Dexion has built the entire warehouse. Reuse saves considerably in costs and precisely Dexion materials lend themselves perfectly for this.

Subsequent Calculation

The installation work was carried out in close consultation between Midtronics and Dexion based on subsequent calculation. This seemed an uncertain factor for Midtronics "but in the end, you will eventually benefit from it" thus Midtronics.


  • Cost reduction by reusing existing materials;
  • Cost reduction by installation work on subsequent calculation;
  • Ready-to-use Cassette900 units for realizing offices in an easy way;
  • Dexion material can be reused easily.

Products supplied:

P90 Pallet racking, HI280 shelving with flooring, Cassette900 office units and walls and collision protection.