Leonhard Kurz Benelux B.V., The Netherlands

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Leonhard Kurz Benelux B.V., The Netherlands

In the warehouse of Leonhard Kurz was chosen for Dexion's P90 Pallet Racking for bulk storage, Cassette900 partitions for the office and HI280 Shelving narrow aisles.

Leader hot-stamping

Leonhard Kurz Benelux BV is an international leader of hot stamping technology. The company counts a total of more than 3,500 employees and 10 manufacturing plants across Europe, the United States and the area around the Pacific.

New building

For the new warehouse they wanted a combination of Dexion's racking type P90 for bulk storage and the HI280 shelving racks for pick locations.
In combination with the Crown Wave it now is possible to order pick in aisles with a width of 900 mm up to a height of 5,000 mm.!

Drum carriers

By making use of drum carriers, the foil rolls can be stored in an orderly manner in the pallet racks.

Expedition office

Leonhard Kurz had a mobile office with a limited space. After an extensive advice from the district manager of Dexion, it was decided to use an existing, empty space provided with Cassette 900 partitions. The results are:
a modern office space, finished with a ceiling and a anthracite buoy part around .