LBP Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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LBP Rotterdam, The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

LBP transports fresh products and work according the LIFO principle. Pushback racks of galvanized trolleys appeared the best solution, also due to the low height loss.


LBP is a logistics service provider who transports in particular fresh products, like fruits and vegetables, by road, water and air.

Why Constructor Dexion?

LBP wanted to expand its warehouse and after a short consultation between Constructor Dexion and LBP, Constructor Dexion came up with a very rapid, appropriate solution and a proposition. The solution can be called special: : galvanized trolley pushback.


Trolleys of different sizes run on guide rails. The rails are slightly below grade. In spite of the gradient of the rails, the pallets are still standing leveled. This is because the trolleys, compensate the angle of inclination by their shape . When the channel is empty, the trolleys are located inserted above each other on the operating side. The system is designed so that this will cost a minimum of height . This often saves a whole extra level.

Benefits Dexion Trolley Pushback:

  • Very low height loss;
  • Pushing pallets using colored tabs (so not pallet against pallet);
  • Usable up to 5 pallets deep;
  • Great support for all pallets.