Now double your tire storage capacity

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Now double your tire storage capacity

Henze Autobanden is a tire service center of First Stop and got the chance to rent a warehouse space nearby. Dexion equipped the warehouse with P90 tire racks and mezzanines which doubled the storage capacity.

P90 tire racks with floors

The new location was installed with P90 tire racks and mezzanines for the benefit of 3,500 pieces tires. This was a very cost effective way to double the storage capacity.

Moving existing tire racks and floor

Dexion moved the existing tire racks with floor from the old location to the new location. With the ability to use the current warehouse equipment again, it saved them significantly in costs.


  • P90 Pallet Racking for tire storage of 3,500 pieces tires;
  • Reuse existing tire racks and mezzanine floor saved a lot of money;
  • Doubling of storage capacity.

Delivered products:

P90 tire racks and mezzanines.