Helly Hansen - The Netherlands

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Helly Hansen - The Netherlands

For Helly Hansen Dexion created 12,257 pallet spaces at 13,000 m2, reused carton flow beddings and designed flue spaces to meet the fire protection requirements.

Helly Hansen

Is known as a producer of Norwegian high-end outdoor clothing and has located her DC in Born. Due to costs they decided to close the warehouses in Sweden and Canada and to supply the warehouses in Europe and Scandinavia only from Born.

Current DC in Echt not suitable

First Dexion calculated the growth options in the old DC in Echt, however, it was not sufficient to satisfy the requirements and needs of Helly Hansen. Therefore, a new building was build in Born. By placing P90 Pallet Racking with beams of 51 mm. high (instead of the standard beams of 89 mm. high), an extra shelf layer at the pick locations was created. With using 4,4 meter long beams (5 euro pallets) Dexion prevented a bottleneck at the underpasses. Carton flow beddings were transferred from the old location to the new location and flue spaces are engineered to meet the fire protection requirements.

Why Constructor Dexion?

Dexion has delivered a great achievement in Born (12,257 pallet spaces on 13,000 m2) with precise engineering, fast delivery, re-use of existing warehouse facilities and a short construction period. Also during the construction Dexion has shown itself as a flexible partner and team player.