H.K.V. Ochten B.V., The Netherlands

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H.K.V. Ochten B.V., The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

H.K.V. Ochten is a wholesaler of tools for businesses, such as clothing / BPM 's, road delineation, tools, repair & calibration and advertising & sign.

HI280 High rise

For storage of small products was chosen, in consultation with Dexion, for HI280 shelving with a height of less than 6.000 mm. in combination with an orderpicktruck on induction conductivity. The use of dividers and location marking resulted in an unprecedented amount of locations.

P90 Plateau drawers

Dexion has designed a plateau drawers of 1,700 mm. including custom made compartments, specifically for the storage of the range of company logos. The drawers are integrated in pallet racking, where Dexion used lighter beams with closed pine decking for the large products and heavier beam types for the storage of pallets. For separate storage such as sticks, brooms, shovels and road signs, use is made of separation rods, which are attached to the back beam.

Why Constructor Dexion?

Due to the versatility of the P90 and HI280 shelving, who are entirely tailored ánd provided with accessories for storage of each stock item separately.