HBI Tyres & Wheels, The Netherlands

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HBI Tyres & Wheels, The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

The Hollandse Bandenmarkt Internationaal is a wholesaler for industrial tyres of various sizes. HBI vulcanizes for instance truck and aircraft tyres. Due to the growth HBI was forced to move to a larger building.

P90 Drive-in racking

Because of the various tyre sizes, storage in drive-in racking was the best solution. Holladse Bandenmarkt also already had experience of drive-in racking at their former building. Dexion's offer in terms of completeness and advice was the strongest compared to the competitiona nd won them the contract at the end of the day. HBI were also very excited about the sleek, galvanized racks, which are a good match with their industrial look for tyre storage.

A completely equipped warehouse from one supplier

After delivering the tyre racks, Dexion installed the complete warehouse with safety protection, drip trays, markings, etc. In short, a fully equipped warehouse designed, supplied and installed by one supplier. All in one go!


  • 2,500 Pallet places; 
  • Storage of industrial tyres of various sizes;
  • Complete equipped warehouse by providing various accessories and products.

Products supplied

P90 Drive-in racking, P90 racking, drip trays, Protex building protection, floor marking, HI280 tyre storage and several safety products.