Gerritse IJzerwaren

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Gerritse IJzerwaren

Gerritse IJzerwaren, part of the Isero IJzerwaren group is the wholesaler of hardware goods for construction fittings, tools, fasteners and PPE in the Netherlands. Dexion has already furnished several shops in the Netherlands.

Warehouse racking in the store

Gerritse has their stock stored in the shops. This means that the warehouse racking is inside the shop and makes  the “look and feel” of the racking very important. The warehouse racking from Dexion suited their requirements excellently.

A solution for everything:

Fasteners and building materials vary greatly in size, weight and shape. This means that special storage devices can be required so that the  storage is practical, organised and compact.

Gerritse chooses Dexion because their thinking all the time they are designing the layout is for Gerritse, this is very important from their suppliers, for Dexion half an idea is enough, when designing a new shop. Everything gets a place; garden tools, hardware, aluminum, machinery, wood, safety shoes, etc. Even the saw table, work benches and night lock are provided by Dexion.

”Establishing a new location is always a rush, but with Dexion as a partner this went very well. Because they know well what we need and they can set up a layout of  the building very quickly, together we have enough on just an idea and things can be switched quickly", said director Remon van Balken.


Shelving, tube-racking, mezzanine floor, A-racking, pallet racking, work benches, saw tables