Floor Rolluiken BV, The Netherlands

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Floor Rolluiken BV, The Netherlands

Dexion used the height of the building optimally by placing a mezzanine floor for storage of light long goods (G90 Cantilever Light). On the ground floor the heavier G90 cantilever was placed.

Floor Rolluiken

Floor Rolluiken BV is a well known manufacturer, designer, supplier and installer of shutters, roll fences, scissor fences, anti-ram rolling shutters and facilities with as novelty the patented product ram raid protection.

Creating space for new machines

Due to constant growth, there was need for more automation. They invested in a fully automatic CNC machine and a machine that shoots studs into the steel. This ensures Floor Rolluiken to anticipate in its market. However, this meant that space had to be made for these machines with the limitations of the current hall. The solution was (as often) found in the height of the building. An additional mezzanine floor was installed for light production work and storage of raw rolling shutter casing. These are stored on cantilever racks on top of the floor.

Why Constructor Dexion?

Floor Roller is a loyal and satisfied customer of Constructor Dexion Holland BV. They already used cantilever racking and a mezzanine floor of Constructor Dexion. Once again working with Constructor Dexion was actually not an issue.