FP International, The Netherlands

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FP International, The Netherlands

FP International has created more workplaces by placing a double Cassette 900 office unit from Dexion, complete with TL fittings, wall sockets, etc.

FP International

FP International is a leading provider of innovative cushioning material for packaging.
The Dutch office is located in Heerlen due to the proximity of the German industrial Ruhr area and because of the marketing opportunities that The Netherlands offers.

Expansion in 2004, 2007 and 2011

In 2004 they decided to expand the existing office unit (2 floors) on the 1st floor to create more workplaces. Due to the durability and flexibility of Cassette900, the objective was fully realized and FP International can daily  benefit from their choice. This resulted in a further expansion of a similar unit, in 2007. In 2011 a 3rd installation was placed with on the ground floor a double door, and on the 1st floor a landing for materials handling equipment.

Why Constructor Dexion?

FP International knows about the quality of Cassette900 for years. Constructor Dexion ensured that the whole room was equipped with TL fittings, outlet boxes, penetrations for data such as telephone and other equipment, a wall fan and air ventilators with filter material. In addition, Constructor Dexion was responsible for the necessary structural calculations for obtaining the required environment permit. In short, complete relieve for the customer.