Enza Zaden, The Netherlands

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Enza Zaden, The Netherlands

The storage capacity was expanded with 108m2 by placing 2 floors on the existing shelving. The floors were equipped with stairs, pallet gate and goods lift.

Vegetables en Fruit seeds

The success of Enza Zaden in 2009 led to the need for more climate-controlled storage area for commercial stock. Since construction of such an area, partly due to the strict fire prevention, would be very expensive they searched for a solution within the existing warehouse.

Extending central conditioned warehouse

The solution was found in height. Where 1 floor was built, is in fact sufficient height for 2 floors, a space saving of 180 m2. For this the 1st floor had to go down 1.2 meters (from 3.8 to 2.6 m), which meant that everything had to be broken down. This directly gave the chance to think well about the logistics process. This enabled more space for pickers and a goods elevator was included.

Project size

* 2 Free standing floors of 180 m2
* 360 m HI280 shelf racking
* 2 staircases, 2 pallet gates and balustrade
* Goods elevator (fire prevention: ATEX)

Why Constructor Dexion

For years Enza Zaden has been a satisfied customer of Constructor Dexion. The speed ​​of construction was important for this project, but especially the thinking along with the customer and designing of Constructor Dexion was repeatedly the deciding factor. Price and quality counts, as always, of course also strongly with this.