Dyka, The Netherlands

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Dyka, The Netherlands

For Dyka Dexion has provided the P90 Pallet Racking with depth carriers and tunnel guards, so that the molds can be properly stored and the pallets are optimally supported.


DYKA produces plastic piping systems for a wide range of applications. The company, founded in 1957, has grown into a company with a strong market position and with offices in many European countries. DYKA BV also exports its products to all countries in the world.


DYKA has several halls where she stores matrices (hollow molds), however, it showed that this had become a complicated overall. Because of this, but also to improve safety, it was decided to build a piece of hall with the aim that this would be arranged more efficient and better organized . DYKA has been a loyal customer of Constructor Dexion so on this issue they therefore directly contacted Constructor Dexion for help. Because the matrices have different dimensions, both depth and width, different beam lengths applied, shelving in 2 depth measurements performed and all locations are provided with depth carriers and extra crossbars (tunnel guards). This way each pallet is optimally supported.


The pallet racks also include an underpass, because the racks are standing against a side wall. This makes the walking distances shorter and is also an additional escape route in case of emergency.