Domino's Pizza, The Netherlands

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Domino's Pizza, The Netherlands

Domino's Pizza has its DC with 3 climates (freezer, cold store and dry) equipped with Dexion P90 pallet, drive-in and pallet flow racking, HI280 angled shelving and location signs.

Domino's Pizza

In the DC of Domino's is a large variety of products. With heavy (dough and sauces), light (spices), fresh (vegetables), dry (clothing, gadgets) and volume (pizza boxes) all must be taken into consideration. Moreover, there are three 'climates': freezer unit, cold and dry store ánd high picking frequencies must be reached during peak hours. The skills of Domino's in combination with the logistics expertise of Groenewout Consultants and Engineers and the experience plus creativity of Constructor Dexion, proved a good formula for the perfect solution.

Why Constructor Dexion?

Because of a growing numbers of Domino's Pizza restaurants throughout Europe, came a need for a larger central DC for the Netherlands and Belgium. With the help of Groenewout Consultants and Engineers, a new location in Gorinchem was found. They also searched for a suitable supplier to the warehouse equipment. Because Constructor Dexion listened carefully to the client and consultants and therefore brought out good additions to the plans, she was contracted to develop, deliver and build the storage racking for the new DC.