Desso, The Netherlands

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Desso, The Netherlands

Dexion provided the Desso warehouse with P90 carpet roll racking with decking, crash protection, Cassettte900 wall system and designed a solution for inn-rack sprinklers without losing space.

Desso Group

When the DESSO Group took over Enia Carpets NL Holding BV they also took over quality brands such as Parade and Bonaparte. As result a reorganization took place and made Goirle the central storage location for whole Europe.

12,000 carpet rolls

The DC in Goirle stores up carpet rolls with a diameter of 900 mm.. These roles are custom cut for the customer and then returned into the pallet rack. The speed and frequency of this every-day-handling makes it an impressive operation. With a capacity of approximately 12,000 wall-to-wall carpet rolls of 4 or 5 meters width, Goirle now has the widest range of carpet in Europe.

Inn-rack sprinklers

For a fire safe storage in the Desso DC inn-rack sprinklers are required. These should be positioned so that they can not touch the carpet roles, but still perform perfectly in case of an emergency. Dexion's engineers devised a clever solution where the sprinklers are installed without loss of space and fixed distances for flues are observed.

Why Constructor Dexion?

After an initial screening of 6 suppliers Dexion scored very well. Dexion aspires, just as Desso, the Cradle to Cradle ® principle: products are made of pure raw materials that are easy to split to create new products (=upcycling). In terms of expertise, creativity, product range and quality, Dexion’s outcome during the process was always good. Especially when the required close cooperation between the racking supplier and sprinkler installer became clear, the quality and strength of Dexion expressed itself. Therefore a lot of money is saved.