De Kroes Toeleveringsbedrijven, The Netherlands

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De Kroes Toeleveringsbedrijven, The Netherlands

Due to the FIFO principle was chosen for P90 pushback pallet racking for voluminous goods and P90 pallet flow racking for CBL boxes to reduce the picking errors.

Producer of daily fresh ready-made meals, snacks, etc.

De Kroes Toeleveringsbedrijven is a producer of daily fresh ready-made meals, fried snacks and artisanal meats and focuses with her assortment of high quality on large consumers, retail organizations and the institutional market. De Kroes Toeleveringsbedrijven was created from a combination of production activities such as artisanal meats, fried snacks and fresh meals for their own butchers in Hilversum.

First in First Out

Because the traditional warehouse needed a physical first-in first-out principle, larger storage volume and increase of picking locations, De Kroes decided to design and construct new warehouse facilities together with Constructor Dexion.

Project Size

* 280 CBL crate pick locations
* 50 pallet picking locations

Why Constructor Dexion

Constructor came up with the perfect solution by using pallet flow racking for CBL crates (because of the many picking locations on a small area, the high speed of order picking and significant reduction of picking errors) and pallet pushback racks (for the range of products with a larger volume and a high turnover rate). De Kroes indicates that the expert way in which the sales consultant has advised the above considered solutions and the excellent price/quality ratio were decisive in selecting Constructor Dexion.