Pallet Racking from Dexion provides the ultimate storage result for Coppens

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Pallet Racking from Dexion provides the ultimate storage result for Coppens

With Coppens new production facilities needing additional storage space, Coppens turned to Dexion for advice, which they were happy to provide. Dexion were also required to collaborate with a 3rd party fork lift supplier, which ensured that the best result for Coppens was achieved.

Coppens International are highly regarded in the market, as technical specialists that produces high-quality fish feed for aquaculture. They continuously work on perfecting fish feeds and developing new feeds that caters to market demands. Coppens operate in three locations, Helmond and Valkenswaard, (NL) and Nettetal (DE). They currently export fish feed to more than sixty countries worldwide.

The Requirement

As Coppens looked to relocate their production facilities into a new building, they also wanted additional storage space, which they would use for the storage of raw materials and finished products. It was without question that for Coppens to achieve this, Pallet Racking was required.

It was important for Coppens to find a supplier who could provide an "all in one solution"  for both the storage as well as the internal transportation.

The Solution

Initially Coppens wanted a supplier who were specialists in both racking and forklifts, however this proved challenging, therefore Dexion advised Coppens to look for two suppliers, one who would specialise in warehouse storage and racking, while the other would be highly skilled in transportation. This would provide Coppens with many advantages; a large and broad knowledge of their own product, the ability to offer competitive pricing, and shortened lines of communication, to minimise errors.

Coppens recognised the advantages of using two specialist suppliers, and therefore decided to appoint Dexion to supply and install the pallet racking, whilst selecting a suitable truck specialist.  This approach led to a good working relationship between Dexion and the chosen forklift supplier, which would finally provide an optimal end result for Coppens.


260 sections pallet racking and 2,996 pcs. block pallet positions