Basics & Trends, The Netherlands

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Basics & Trends, The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

Basics & Trends is a wholesale business in florist and decorative items. The new store was not equipped with standard shop fitting, but with the sleek design of Dexion pallet racking as shop shelf.

Pallet racking as shop shelves

In principle, pallet racking is used in a warehouse, however, Basics & Trends has chosen to use the pallet racks as shop shelves. The pallet racks needed to look nice and sleek. In addition, they wanted the racks to be integrated into the stand construction of the store, so it would look like one whole. The galvanized racks of Dexion connected seamlessly with the identity of Basics & Trends; sleek, modern and a business look what creates a beautiful appearance of the shop shelves.


  • 89 sections P90 pallet racking;
  • Racking integrated into the stand construction of the store;
  • Sleek design because of the galvanized racking;
  • Inspection.

Delivered products:

P90 pallet racking and inspection.