Bakker Transport & Warehousing, Netherlands

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Bakker Transport & Warehousing, Netherlands

12,500 more pallet spaces created for Bakker’s warehouse by using mobile pallet racking

After experiencing a good relationship with Dexion in the past and appreciating the full benefits that mobile pallet racking gave to their business, when Bakker looked to expand they wanted a new warehouse with mobile pallet racking that reached the ceiling. It was a typical case of wanting to maximise the space as efficiently as possible.

The Customer

Bakker Transport & Warehousing are one of the largest logistic providers specialising in transport and warehousing for ambient and chilled food products. Daily more than 650 trucks, reach over 100 customers throughout Benelux and Germany.

Due to the rapid growth experienced by Bakker, they needed to expand into a second warehouse. Their existing warehouse already had a reliable MOVO solution installed which held 12,000 pallet spaces and had previously been installed by Dexion, but Bakker were looking to double the number of pallet locations. Bakker therefore discussed their plans with their trusted partner Dexion who able to able to design a new MOVO solution which provided an additional 12,500 pallet spaces. Bakker then used these designs to build their second warehouse.

The requirement

Bakker Transport & Warehousing had one simple requirement:
to create a highly efficient warehouse, which would store as many pallets as possible. 

The solution

The partnership between Bakker and Dexion began more than
17 years ago when Dexion originally installed mobile pallet racking, which Bakker have been very satisfied with. With the expansion they wanted the same/similar system as employees were familiar with it and it had proved to be a highly efficient storage solution for them.

Dexion therefore installed new mobile racking, as they could make good use of the height of the building, as the pallet racks reached to the ceiling and provided a total of 12,500 additional pallet locations.

Anne Bakker, owner said: 

"Because of our positive experience with the Dexion when they installed approx. 17 years ago, we knew that we wanted to have another reliable mobile pallet racking system from Dexion."


12,500 pallet spaces