Acushnet Nederland B.V., The Netherlands

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Acushnet Nederland B.V., The Netherlands - ConstructorGroup Netherlands

Acushnet is a wholesaler of golf products where Dexion extended their MK3 racking and delivered HI280 longspan shelving with flooring, fences, P90 Pallet Racking and a crash barrier.

Golf Products

Acushnet Netherlands BV is the number 1 in the field of golf products and the company behind the brands Titleist and FootJoy. Sales to purchasers takes place from the European sales offices, the European Distribution Centre is located in Helmond.

Ambition with balls

A team of enthusiastic and ambitious young people ensures that the customers of Acushnet are advised in a proper way, every day. Golfing continues to get more popular on the mainland of Europe and is no longer just for the upper classes and aged people. Due to the steady growth it was time for changes at the warehouse of Acushnet.

Pallet racking MK3

The warehouse was already equipped with our Pallet Racking type MK3, at that time directly supplied by Dexion England. This type of racking however has been further developed and replaced by the galvanized type, P90 pallet racking. However, individual parts of MK3 will remain available.


Firstly, the MK3 warehouse extended. Acushnet also wanted storage for small items, such as golf shoes, but also elongated articles such as golf clubs.
Constructor Dexion came up with one racking type, where storage of both products is possible.
Our HI280 Shelving system with 4-
pins shelf dividers, is ideal for storing small items such as golf shoes. By placing the shelving one after the other, without the rear wall, it is also possible to create storage for long goods. This makes it possible to store different sizes of golfing material.


It was also the wish of Acushnet to store large boxes. The high ceiling of the warehouse ensures that it is possible to build a floor on top of the HI280 shelves, where the pallets with boxes can be placed. The floor has a pallet gate, so that the pallets with the boxes can be placed in a secure manner on the floor, by using a fork-lift truck. In order to prevent the boxes to fall down, there is a mesh wall placed on the outer sides of the floor construction.

Additional pallet storage

After a while it appeared that Acushnet needed an expansion of storage capacity and it was decided that the racking had to be expanded. Acushnet now uses the latest type of pallet racking, the P90. These sections are directly provided with a guard rail, which prevents damage to the racking and ensures a safe working environment and a sustainable warehouse.