Yves Rocher Cork, Ireland

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Yves Rocher Cork, Ireland - ConstructorGroup Ireland

Yves Rocher is one of the largest beauty care firms in the world. When the French firm decided to upgrade the manufacturing areas of the plant at Kilbarry Business Park on Dublin Hill in Cork, Yves Rocher appointed Storage Systems Ltd to fitout the new changing room facilities building.

The Solution

Both the male and female changing rooms is fitted out with Dexion two-person storage lockers. Two person lockers save space for 2 users by having a vertical hanging compartment as well as a personal possession compartment at the top of each locker. Dexion eight door lockers were installed in one area for the storage of staff mobile phones, handbags and wallets. 

The installation was complete with PPE wardrobe cupboards and First aid cupboards along with single sided island bench seating 1800mm high x 1500mm long with overhooks. All lockers have camlocks which are in a master key series and are finished in a grey carcass and light blue door finish specified by the client.