Supermacs Galway, Ireland

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Supermacs Galway, Ireland - ConstructorGroup Ireland

Supermac’s is Ireland’s largest and fastest growing indigenous fast food group. Storage Systems Ltd has completed a large installation of Dexion Deepstor Drive In Pallet Racking at their distribution warehouse located in Ballybrit, County Galway.

The Solution

This installation comprises of 4 blocks of Dexion Drive In Pallet Racking, each block is 20m wide x 8m high and consists of 10 lanes 1370mm wide. Each lane is designed to store 6 pallets in the depth and 3 pallets in the height. All lanes are equipped with full length guard rails & plastic column protectors to protect the racking structure from collision damage.

Benefits of Dexion Drive In Racking

  • High density storage - maximising cubic space
  • More pallets stored per cubic metre than any other storage system
  • Ideal for cold and chill storage applications
  • Accessible by the First-in last out principle
  • Used for bulky goods of the same type