Sharptext Dublin, Ireland

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Sharptext Dublin, Ireland - ConstructorGroup Ireland

Sharptext Ltd is Ireland’s largest distributor for IT products related services and is located in Ballymount, Dublin 12. To increase space and improve efficiency in their warehouse they turned to Storage Systems Ltd to provide a storage solution.

The Solution

Our solution was to provide a 600msq Dexion Two-Tier  Mezzanine Floor 8m high providing 150 bays of Dexion Shelving on the 1st floor and 150 bays on the 2nd floor for the storage of boxes.  The mezzanine floor is finished with 2 no. up and over pallet safety gates complete with loading plate to transfer pallet loads on and off each floor level.

In Addition, an automated roller conveyor system is installed which delivers boxes from the 1st and 2nd floor level down to the despatch area. The use of automated conveyors cuts out a lot of manual handling and has significantly speeded up the picking process for Sharptext.


  • 300 bays of Dexion HI280 Shelving
  • 3 different sizes of shelving depth 400mm,500mm,600mm
  • 2 up and over pallet gates
  • 2 automated roller conveyor systems
  • 2 steel staircases