Auto Diesel Electric, Northern Ireland

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Auto Diesel Electric, Northern Ireland - ConstructorGroup Ireland

Auto Diesel Electric distributes many world-leading brands of automotive components throughout Ireland and the UK. Storage Systems Ltd has recently completed a large installation of a Dexion Two-Tier Shelving Mezzanine Floor at Auto Diesel Electric's Northern Ireland branch located in Lisburn, Co. Antrim.

The Solution

Our solution was to provide a 500mstq Dexion Two-Tier  Mezzanine Floor 6m high providing 300 bays of Dexion Shelving on the 1st floor and 300 bays on the 2nd floor for the storage of motor parts and boxes.  The mezzanine floor is finished with 1 no. up and over pallet safety gates complete with loading plate to transfer pallet loads on and off each floor level and 2 no. steel staircases complete will all necessary handrail and kickplate.


  • 600 bays of Dexion HI280 Shelving
  • 4 different sizes of shelving depth 300mm, 400mm,500mm,600mm
  • 2 different sizes of shelving width 1000mm, 1290mm
  • 1 up and over pallet gate with wear plate
  • 2 steel staircases
  • All Shelving components finished in pre-galvanised steel