Meiners Saaten, Germany

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Meiners Saaten, Germany - ConstructorGroup Germany

Meiners decided to build a new warehouse to handle their growing logistic requirements, wanting to obtain as many pallet locations as possible for their various sized goods.

Meiners Saaten in Germany built a new 2,500 m2 warehouse and wanted to store pallets of different sizes and with overhang. They needed a warehouse with high efficiency and density, but still full access to each pallet.


Dexion supplied a solution consisting of two MOVO blocks, the largest being 36.3m long.
All in all the solution had a total capacity of 3600 pallet locations. One year later two additional smaller blocks were added, and the total capacity is now 5200 pallet locations.


Pallet Places 5200
Space savings 40%


Meiners Saaten, is manufacturer, refiner and dealer of high-quality seeds for agricultural use. Services in the areas logistics, storaging, cleaning of seeds, bating and packaging of rape and maize is also a part of their business.