• Agco Power, Finland

    Agco Power, Finland

    In the Agco Power new engine plant the material flow is controlled by the Lean thinking model and Kanban control in which the Kasten Carton flow plays central role

  • Agrimarket, Finland

    Agrimarket, Finland

    In DIY and hardware stores the size of products ranges from small items to large machinery. This is why the flexibility of shop fittings is important.

  • Berner Oy Finland - Storage Machines Paternoster & Tornado - Constructor Storage

    Berner, Finland

    By investing in six Paternosters and one double Tornado picking errors decreased and batch picking allowed for quick and efficient picking.

  • Bufab Finland Oy

    Bufab Finland Oy

    The Bufab Finland Oy’s storage consists of six meter high pallet racking and small parts shelving and cantilever racking.

  • DB Schenker Oy, Finland

    DB Schenker Oy, Finland

    DB Schenker’s logistics center in Finland has Constructor pallet racking with a capacity of almost 30 000 pallet positions

  • Ejendals, Finland

    Ejendals, Finland

    We were able to offer the best solution to Ejendals by simulating actual material flows to obtain possible solution for furniture, and a proposal for the required resources.

  • Elektroskandia, Finland - Storage Machine Tornado & Paternoster - Constructor

    Elektroskandia, Finland

    Computer controlled storage and transfer systems have significantly improved the efficiency of product storage and picking.

  • H. Kraatz, Finland

    H. Kraatz, Finland

    At Kraatz two Tornado DTs were placed facing each other so they achieved the capacity of four Tornados in one picking point.

  • HahkaWay Ltd, Finland

    HahkaWay Ltd, Finland

    HahkaWay Ltd provides a frozen logistics services to its customers. Products are stored on our Mobile Pallet Racking at a constant temperature of -22º C to maintain the condition of the food while it is stored.

  • Hansa Print, Finland - Pallet Flow & Push Back - Constructor

    Hansa Print, Finland

    Hansaprint is the largest magazine printing house in Finland, they decided to store their paper in P90 Last in First Out (LIFO) - and First In First Out (FIFO) pallet racking.

  • Helkama-Auto Oy

    Helkama-Auto Oy

    Tornado Storage Machines were acquired in connection with the enlargement of their premises. In addition also Constructor pallet racking was assembled.

  • Huhtamäki Oy, Finland - DeepStore Drive-in pallet racking - Constructor

    Huhtamäki, Finland

    Huhtamäki, a global packaging company, has a logistics centre in Hämeenlinna. We supplied their Drive-in pallet racking and Pallet Flow racking.

  • Iittala Group, Finland - Pallet Racking - Constructor Pallet Handling

    Iittala Group, Finland

    This centre services global distribution of Iittala, who sell a range of cutlery, ceramics and gifts across Europe, Arabia, Japan and the USA.

  • Kodin Terra, Finland - Optim Shop Fitting, Pallet Racking - Constructor

    Kodin Terra, Finland

    Pallet racking and Optim shop fittings have proven to be an effective display idea for Kodin Terra's range of home furnishings, construction and garden products.

  • Koiviston Auto Oy, Lahti - Paternoster & Tornado - Constructor

    Koiviston Auto, Finland

    For a new central warehouse, Koiviston Auto installed four new Paternosters and transferred five older units to sit with a Tornado machine.

  • K-rauta - Pallet & Cantillever Racking, Shopp Fitting, Mesh - Constructor

    K-rauta, Finland

    Shop fittings and storage systems were essential requirements in their shop, storage and outdoor locations.

  • Linkosuo, Finland

    Linkosuo, Finland

    Linkosuo achieved over 65 % more pallet positions after converting to Mobile Pallet Racking from traditional pallet racking.

  • Pallet racking - Multi-tier systems - Constructor Storage Solution

    Nanso Group, Finland

    In 2007, Nanso Group launched its new logistics centre in Hämeenlinna, Finland. It is the most up-to-date clothing industry logistics facility in the Nordic countries.

  • Oy Hartwall Finland - High bay pallet racking, warehouse storage - Constructor Pallet Handling

    Oy Hartwall, Finland

    Hartwall manufactures all types of drinks stored in a High bay racking solution which operates in a highly automated, flexible and cost-effective plant.

  • Ponsse Oy, Finland

    Ponsse Oy, Finland

    Constructor Finland installed 8 Tornado machines and Pallet Racking at Ponsse’s new logistic centre acting as central hub for spare parts and also responsible for supplying stock to a network of 150 international service teams providing maintenance and spare parts.

  • Prima Power, Finland

    Prima Power, Finland

    Two wide Constructor Tornado storage machines were installed at the Prima Power factory. The Tornados work as storage for the production and dispatch.

  • Rinta-Joupin Autoliike, Finland

    Rinta-Joupin Autoliike, Finland

    One double sided and two single sided P90 tyre rackings were delivered to the warehouse of Rinta-Joupin Autoliike.

  • S-Rauta Nummela, Finland

    S-Rauta Nummela, Finland

    Nummelan S-Rauta is furnished with Kasten shelving and racking and they are an important part of the store concept. The store is fitted out with Optim shop fittings, pallet racking, cantilever racking and timber locker.

  • Tampere University Hospital

    Tampere University Hospital

    Tampere University Hospital required new cold storage rooms for corpses. The computer-controlled Tornado automated storage system was up to the task, even though some R&D work was required.