P. Christensen, Denmark

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P. Christensen, Denmark

With pallet racking, P. Christensen - a Mercedes Dealer, has obtained improved ergonomics for the handling and storage of their customer’s wheels. The pallet racking is installed in a separate warehouse exclusively used for storage of tires.

P. Christensen a/s is a family owned company who began selling Mercedes-Benz cars in 1935 and has the longest relationship with Daimler in Scandinavia.

The solution:

The capacity of the entire installation of pallet racking is 628 sets of tires with 4 tires per pallet. The tires are stored on EUR pallets without an overhang. The maximum load capacity per pallet location is 500 kg giving 8000 kg per bay.

Benefits obtained for the customer:

Henrik Finn Sanderlund, Quality Manager with P. Christensen said: "This solution has led to improved ergonomics when handling and storing our customer’s wheels.  Because we are using specialised lifting equipment for handling the wheels in the workshop – before they are placed on pallets –as well as handling the pallets with wheels on with lifting gear and electrical stackers, so we are avoiding our employees having to lift objects above shoulder height and at a distance greater than ¾ of an arm length.

At the same time we eliminate the risk of getting back injuries which we often see when using traditional tire racking methods. The chosen solution both complies with valid legislation and has been approved by our certified consultant for the working environment."